The Causes of Alcoholism & Solutions to Quit It

The Causes of Alcoholism & Solutions to Quit It

Alcohol is a word that originates from Arabic, in which the original term was “al-kuhul. It was found that the action of alcohol varied depending on its form of consumption on physical and mental health and mood. Later, alcoholism was determined as a chronic and progressive disease caused by excessive alcohol intake that causes damage to any individual. It turns out to be so severe that it needs alcohol rehab.

The Causes of Alcohol Addiction

To know how to prevent alcohol addiction, it is necessary to know the causes of this condition. In this regard, we can mention some a few causes below:

  • The first cause is to live in an environment where this vice is encouraged. It can be family, friends, or social environment. In any case, it is true that alcohol is a very permitted substance in today’s world. Therefore, it is easy to fall into this addiction, and alcohol rehab could be a difficult process because of the ease of access and exposure.
  • It is common for children of alcoholics to fall into this problem. Therefore, there is much speculation that there are certain hereditary and genetic factors in this regard.
  • Many people suffer from alcoholism because of the need to join a group. In any case, drinking alcohol opens the doors to parties, bars, and you cannot deny that it is the opportunity to meet people. However, its consumption has dire consequences and requires a proper alcohol rehabilitation program.
  • People with low self-esteem need alcohol to feel more open and to interact with other people. This reaches the point that alcoholics feel unable to do certain activities without consuming alcohol.

Effects of Alcohol has on Teenagers

The following are the effects alcohol can cause on teenagers. If you notice such effects in your teenage children, we encourage you to take measures quickly and contact an alcohol rehab center.

  • Temporary loss of memory, which can lead to violence, theft, assault, and even rape in adolescents
  • It damages the ability to make decisions.
  • It increases the feeling of depression.
  • Its excessive use creates addiction and dependence.
  • The area of ​​the prefrontal cortex of the brain is altered, where the circuits responsible for sending orders are housed to perform daily functions, such as walking, closing the eyes, going to the bathroom, among others.
  • It promotes impulsivity, which causes concentration to be lost.
  • It inhibits the growth of new neurons, altering memory and facilitating depression on a large scale.
  • Although it is more harmful in adolescent girls than in boys, the degree of frequency of its consumption is concentrated in the blood until it reaches the liver having fatal consequences in the future.
  • It can produce ethyl poisoning, in which, if tolerance is exceeded, it can end in a coma, respiratory problems, and even death.

The aforementioned are a few main reasons for alcoholism and will require an alcohol rehab program to get rid of this addiction. However, if the condition of an alcohol addict is not serious, we may suggest a few tips to prevent this type of addiction.

Tips to Prevent Alcohol Addiction

Quitting alcohol is hard to do, and we know it very well at Therapy Works. Alcohol consumption becomes a lifestyle and people surround themselves with people who share this same evil. However, the addict must be aware of the fact that he has a problem and must overcome it.

First of all, keep in mind that it is not an easy vice to overcome. In addition, alcohol consumption is socially accepted in certain groups and societies. Thus, many people suffer from this addiction, but they do not realize it. In this sense, the first step to prevent alcoholism is to understand that it is a problem that can manifest itself from one moment to another.

Alcoholics are people with problems. The consumption of this substance not only deteriorates physical health but also, it leads to psychological deterioration. Similarly, alcoholics tend to distance themselves from their family and work. Also, they usually spend a lot of their money on buying alcoholic beverages. All this range of problems deteriorates the quality of life. Therefore, it is a problem that is better to prevent than to suffer from its consequences.

  • The first thing is to minimize consumption. Do not suddenly abandon alcohol. If the latter is done, anxiety is triggered by drinking again.
  • Do different activities. Instead of meeting to drink with friends, it is preferable to go to places where this substance is not consumed.
  • Eliminate the stimuli that induce alcoholism and distance from bars and other places where people consume alcohol excessively.
  • Drink in moderation at parties and events. Avoid falling into the desire for exaggerated consumption that triggers addiction.
  • Combine alcohol with natural drinks so that the body does not get used to the excess of this substance.
  • Do not use alcoholic beverages on a daily basis. Alcoholics are people who eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with alcoholic intake.
  • Constantly review the aftermath of drinking alcohol. This is how awareness is formed about the danger of this habit and the need for alcohol rehab.
  • Ask for professional help when you feel that the desire to drink manages to overcome the will.

By following these tips, you can avoid the ugly vice of alcoholism. On the other hand, if the person is already addicted, professional help for alcohol rehab is needed in a center.

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