DIP Psych; CPPD-UK, Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy – UK. Practicing Psychotherapist/Head Tutor in Psychotherapy of UK based and accredited counselling trainings (CPCAB-UK).

He is the Chief Executive Officer of Therapy Works with 30 years of international business experience in finance, administration and Human Resource utilization.

He has been doing corporate and Human Resource training since 1976 (trained at Blackheath UK).

Since 2007 Tahir has combined his current practice of Integrative Psychotherapy and Counselling into his workshops and teaching, this allows him deep insight into the human condition and makes the workshops highly interactive and experiential.

He teaches in the UK Counselling Diploma Level IV and does supervision of the counsellors working with In-clients suffering from addiction and Out-patients for a variety of emotional issues.

His main approach in both therapy and corporate training is Existential allowing the use of the full potential of the “conscious” self in making free choices in the “here and now.”

Tahir undertakes transformative workshops that are life changing for the participants.

He is the moving force behind Therapy Works.

All the workshops derive from Sociology, Political Economy, Integrative Psychotherapy –  Gestalt, Person Centered, Object Relations, Ego Psychology, Relational Psychotherapy.

Tahir conducts tailor-made workshops for schools, universities, multinationals, Armed forces, Pakistan Training and Development Society (PTDS), OCTARA all over Pakistan. He has been conducting workshops on a host of issues and subjects with PSO for the past 9 years.

He is committed to working with the poor masses where no mental support exists (through the charity based Therapy Works Foundation). Empowerment of women, children and the voiceless non-privileged sections of society are his main area of work.