Out Client Services

Out Client Services - Therapy Works (Pvt.) Ltd.“You become fully conscious only when you live in the moment. To begin to live in the moment you have to know it exists and understand it. To understand it you have to observe it in relation to yourself and in relation to life. When you under-stand it, when you become conscious, you will see it is all that exists. To see this is to glimpse reality.”

These are our confidential, non residential services and are for individuals and families to receive the highest standard of humanistic clinical care.

Our Out-Client services are available for everyone, as they include common everyday problems such as anxiety, procrastination and anger. We also deal with all kinds of disorders, including bipolar disorders, personality disorders and mood disorders. We also deal with all kinds of other issues and dilemmas people might be facing.

As an organization, we are committed to the highest international professional standards of excellence in client care, based on principles of mutual respect, complete confidentiality, genuineness and positive regard for the client.

Therapy Works provides a confidential, safe, self empowering environment that promotes dignity and respect for the individual; we provide a wide range of therapy and counselling. In addition to the treatment of addiction, there is a strong focus towards helping people with all kinds of psychological issues through individual counselling and group therapy.

If people are able to gain self support skills and an emotional education they can alleviate their personal pain. Beyond that is the opportunity for people to gain greater self awareness, a better sense of well being and a more fulfilled life, not just for today, but, for years and then generations to come.

A wide range of out-client services are available to all clients such as
One-To-One Counselling Psychiatric Assessment Clinic
Psychometric Assessment Clinic Specific weekend workshops covering
a wide range of therapeutic issues
Anger ManagementAftercare and Relapse Prevention
Domestic ViolenceCouples Therapy and Marital Counselling
Family TherapySmoking Cessation Program
Eating Disorder ProgramSex-Related Disorders
Grief and LossChildhood Abuse
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Personality Disorders
Bipolar DisordersSchizophrenia
Emotional and Sexual AbuseParental support and training
Child Therapy Support Groups for divorcees
Support Groups for Depression & Addiction Meditation & Relaxation Classes
Depression and Anxiety Group Therapies

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