Level 7 Masters

Integrating Body process in Psychotherapy

  • The History of Body Psychotherapy, its roots in analysis
  • Reichian Character Structure
  • Energetic principles and self regulation
  • Lowen and Bioenergetics
  • Body Reading
  • Transformative images in bodywork
  • Feminine Consciousness and the work of Marion Woodman
  • Research and neuroscience


  • Reich
  • Lowen
  • Boyesen
  • Boadella


  • Trauma Therapy will be looked at with special reference to the work of Babette Rothschild and Peter Levine
  • Physiological basis of trauma
  • Containment, resourcing and empowerment
  • Coupling dynamics
  • The elements of internal experience (SIBAM), Integrating experiential polarities
  • Global High Intensity Trauma
  • Inescapable Attack
  • Physical Injury
  • Failure of Physical Defense
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Natural Disasters
  • Torture and Ritual

Reflection and Presence

  • Introduction to analytical psychology and its contribution to the appreciation of the spiritual aspects of psychotherapy.
  • The Hero’s Journey. Models of individuation.
  • The practice of mindfulness and the generation of unconditional friendliness.
  • John Welwood:Bridging reflective, phenomenological and presence centred approaches to psychotherapy.
  • Meditation and psychotherapy. Maps, conflicts and convergence.
  • Unconditional Presence: Clinical application, acquiring new skills.
  • Full spectrum psychopathology. Jack Engler’s Buddhist extension of object relations.
  • Ken Wilber: Spectrum of consciousness model.
  • Ken Wilber: Models of change. Translation v transformation. The transpersonal witness.

Art Therapy

  • The nature of the art therapeutic dynamic
  • Use of art therapy with specific client populations
  • Benefits and contraindications of art therapy
  • Art therapeutic environments and materials
  • Understanding the nature of art expression: process and product
  • Facilitation exploration and insight
  • Ethical and legal issues pertaining to the use of art therapy
  • Subjective experience of the art therapy: Counter-transference, cumulative and vicarious trauma
  • Experiential practice of art therapeutic media

Research Methods and Professional and Ethical issues

  • Experiential exercises to identify areas of theory and practice
  • Structuring and writing the case study
  • Structuring and writing the dissertation

Methods of qualitative research into theory and practice

  • Heuristic research
  • Imaginal research
  • Case study research
  • Literature review

Dissertation Writing