UK Diploma In Integrative Counselling

Therapy Works provides the student an opportunity to use every approach in psychology to enable them to use these integratively. We believe it is vitally important that students have a toolbox of counselling skills to help them find appropriate means to relate to individuals, in order to help these individuals express, explore and work with their feelings. We work towards our students having a sound understanding of the use of metaphor and projective techniques that they can employ in their work.

Therapy Work’s approach to integrative counselling also requires each student to develop their own model of integration within the agreed framework which, apart from the taught modules at Therapy Works, will embrace their previous trainings, education, life experiences and personal philosophies. The experiential and theoretical modules of the course, as well as the self development aspects of the training, are designed to support students to explore their own understanding of theories and how they correlate to their own style, pace and their unique individual ways of integrating therapeutic tools into their clinical practice.

We do our best to provide a forum which facilitates the student’s individual discovery of their personal philosophy of counselling. We translate our model of working with clients with an intention that is truly based on, “I win if you win”, both into our teaching and the facilitation of the student’s own process. We define a student’s learning and well-being as that which fulfils his/her potential within the context of his/her life in their cultural and spiritual community. We therefore embrace and welcome differences in terms of race, culture, religion, age, gender, class and sexual orientation and actively encourage explorations of student and staff prejudices, assumptions and judgments.

About the Diploma in Integrative Counselling

Diploma Level-4: Eligibility after completing Certificate Level-3. The Diploma in Integrative Counselling changes the relational stance of the student from humanistic to psychodynamic. More and more approaches with intrinsic skills, new awareness and the use of psychodynamic approaches are provided in the Diploma in Integrative Counselling (Level-4).

  • An introduction to transference and counter transference
  • The importance of unconditional presence in the therapeutic relationship
  • Contemporary theory and practice in psychodynamic psychotherapy
  • From Humanistic to Psychodynamic – Understanding the relational stance (Lavinia Gomez & Michael Soth)


  • Ego psychology
    • Anna Freud
    • Heinz Hartmann
    • David Rapaport
  • Self Psychology
    • Heinz Kohut

Object Relations

  • Object Relational Theorists
    • Melanie Klein
    • Donald Winnicott
    • Fairbairn
    • Kernberg
    • Mahler
  • Object Relations Therapy
    • The self/object relationship
    • Projective identification
    • Splitting
  • The Fruedian Era
    • Freud and psychoanalysis
  • Neo-Fruedian Theories
    • Carl Jung – analytical psychology
    • Karen Horney – Psychoanalytic social theory: Neurotic needs; feminine psychology
    • Harry Stack Sullivan – Interpersonal theory
    • Heinz Kohut – self psychology
    • Alfred Adler – individual psychology

The essential combination of skills training and the development of self-awareness are reflected in all of the aims and objectives of all 3 Modules and the diploma as a whole. Assessment is continuous throughout the 12 month course. It includes elements of self, peer, and tutor evaluation, as well as the submission of written assignments and client supervision. Attendance of at least 85% (120 training contact hours) attendance is required to receive the Diploma in Integrative Counselling. Date of Interview: To be advised. (Therapy works holds group interviews of 1 hour in duration. They are relaxed and informal. Please select one interview date which suits you)

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