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Inclient Services - Therapy Works (Pvt.) Ltd.WE CARE FOR THE EXCLUDED
Putting a loved one away in a coercive and purely medical facility is isolating and humiliating for the person and heartbreaking for the family. At Therapy Works we provide a Humanistic approach to make your loved one return home as a healthy, functioning member of the family (post treatment).

These are our residential services for individuals and their families to receive the highest standard of personal clinical care. Therapy Works provides a safe, self-empowering environment that promotes dignity and respect for the individual, while engaging the clients in the first step towards recovery from their addictions and giving relief and peace of mind to the family with the knowledge that their loved ones are taken care of in the best possible way.

Therapy Works has in-client facilities (i.e. rehabilitation centres) in Karachi and Islamabad. We provide primary treatment for use of substances including alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, hallucinogens and other drugs, and also including paan, chahliya, and gutka.

During their stay, the client receives intensive treatment, ranging from goal-oriented treatment planning, educational groups, group counselling, one-on-one counselling (which is an integration of motivational interview dialectical behavioral therapy and the steps relapse prevention groups) to art therapy, yoga, meditation, physical exercise and anger management. Patients also get visits to the beach and restaurant outings. The treatment is directed both towards personal issues of the client and difficulties within the family dynamics.

Professional Care: Comprehensive, continuous, coordinated and collaborative client oriented services delivered by qualified and experienced staff from pharmacological to psycho-social needs.

Removing clients from just addressing brain malfunction to accepting our clients as a whole ‘human being’ we treat the mind, body and spirit together in order to give them more completeness in resolving conflicts and issues.

Clients are treated with extreme respect, unconditional positive regard, empathy and dignity, with full consideration of their human rights. They are given acceptance so they feel more self accepting.

Social and life skills associated with independent functioning in the community, including making friends, managing one’s illness, handling finances, self-care and increased domestic skills.

Each human being is physically different. Therefore, our treatment and rehabilitation services are based on each client’s individual personal needs, limitations, strengths and goals.

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