Family Support Services

Family Support Services - Therapy Works (Pvt.) Ltd.“The family is seen as the cornerstone of every society. Each family is a unique social system with its own structure and patterns of communication. At Therapy Works, we believe that any change in one member of the family affects the entire family structure and each member individually.”

We are all members of a family or of a social group. From time to time, someone from one of these groups may need help. Our Family Support Services are designed to raise awareness and understanding, working towards a resolution for everyone so each member can begin the process of healing their own wounds and grievances, rather than depending on someone else.

Our Family Support Services are also based on the understanding that during the time clients are seeking support from us, this can be an equally unnerving and difficult time for family and friends. While the client is being attended to, our counselors provide ongoing support to our clients’ family and friends so they can also achieve a deeper understanding of their loved ones and develop healthier relationships with each other.

We also provide a specific six-week program for friends and family of the people struggling with addiction or dependency integratively using Transactional Analysis, Systemic and Family consolation. Details of this program are available from our Family Services Department.

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