Charitable Services

Charity Services -Therapy Works (Pvt.) Ltd.It is imperative for every organization, regardless of size or structure, to open its heart towards those that are less fortunate. Providing economic and other assistance to the lesser privileged parts of our society is an important aspect of our work.

Assisting those less fortunate is an integral part of every community as it helps in bringing harmony by bridging the gap between those who are more fortunate and those that are less. This is essential across the globe, and is especially important in a country like Pakistan, where a wide gap exists between the wealthy and the less fortunate. The fundamental goals of charitable services is to assist those less economically fortunate in terms of better living conditions, better health conditions and an overall higher standard of living.

An important objective of Therapy Works is to extend our services to those less fortunate, economically. The centre offers a broad range of charitable services which are a combination of individual and group efforts. For information on our current charitable services, please contact us.

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