Circle of Care
(Child Care Services)

Child Care Services carried out by Therapy Works work under the name of  'Circle of Care', which consists of a highly qualified and diverse team of specialists with over 20 years of professional experience, both domestic and international, in child care. The Circle of Care program aims to mainstream children with learning challenges in a regular classroom setting.

Circle of Care

Children diagnosed with learning or developmental differences face many challenges that hinder the process of attaining their full potential. We are committed to providing the much-needed support in order to bridge the void between children with special needs and their environment. Other than our highly qualified and diverse team of specialists, Circle of Care is also privileged to be working in close association with international experts like Bozena Merrick of Terapia Centre London, United Kingdom

The Circle of Care program by Therapy Works believes in inclusion. Inclusion is a way of living that celebrates diversity in all its grandeur, especially in schools. It is a way we can hope to achieve an integrated society where equal opportunities are provided for every child. Inclusion means to allow the child to experience himself/herself meaningfully, rather than feel secluded or excluded by parents, teachers and other children.

Our belief and vision:

One world,
One community,
One family,
Why not one school?
Celebrating Diversity, Embracing Inclusion

Services Offered

The Circle of Care program provides the following services to institutions and individuals to support children with autism, dyslexia, ADHD or any other physical, emotional, behavioural difficulties and mental challenges.

> Consultation
> Preliminary Screening
> Creating a liaison with experts in the medical field
> Creating a liaison with partner schools
> Psycho Educational Evaluation
> Developing Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)
> Initial workshop on inclusion for schools
> Workshops for parents and teachers
> Counselling for teachers, parents and students
> Remedial, Occupational, Art and Music Therapy offered
> Legal Advice

We also cater to children who come from dysfunctional environments and may not have learning disorders.

What is Inclusion in schools?

'Inclusion' in education is an approach to educating children with special needs. Under the inclusion model, these children spend most or all of their time in mainstream schools. Inclusion gives them skills they can use in and out of classrooms, integrate them into their daily lives and thus makes them independent. It increases self acceptance, confidence, removes internal shame and makes them emotionally stronger.

Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)

Our team develops a written document, the 'Individualized Educational Plan' (IEP), which takes into account input from our experts, the school team and the child's parents. The document caters to the special needs of children and is subject to review every three to six months.


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Circle of Care: A Project of Therapy Works